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Stylish navigation menu auto run. Second, he sees the client – special navigation menu that runs automatically when you insert a disc into the drive, his professional appearance forms positive opinion not only about the information product, but also directly to the author to develop the menu, I recommend that you use the AutoPlay Media Studio. In-depth study, the program will be quite difficult for understanding, but to create a stylish menu with a taste do not necessarily know the program ‘heart’ Moment # 3.

Creating content copyright .This is the third, and perhaps most important component of all these before taking over the development of content for your information product you need to know: First, the content must be yours and point! Remember the truism: if you together to solve the problems of others, namely you have to show how to do it, not to gather a bunch of information from other sources. In this and only this way you can guarantee quality and be confident in your product! Secondly, before you create content, you must be sure that you know what you are saying otherwise meaningless create something I can not see. Would be strange if the programmer creates PHPMySQL training video on the theme of “breeding the fish in home ” Third, you are in any case should not copy someone else’s information. Even if a person is a professional in the same area as you do, then I highly recommend not doing it. Describe your unique experience, expand their secrets, describe real cases of life and express an opinion on this issue in its own way! The result does not keep you waiting! .Moment # 4.

Packing and delivery drive. First than the customer will see and try out your product in action, he must get his hands on. Get unharmed with the greatest benefit and minimal problems to deliver the disc can be through the Russian Post offices which located throughout Russia, but before you send the parcel, the disk must-pack, and the more reliable you do, the better ones I personally recommend using a thick substrate under the laminate, which can be purchased in any hardware store. Wrap the disc in this substrate (would be better if it is to make a double layer) and just put in a mailing envelope. Typically, disks that are sent in the package, they reach their destination in the integrity and preservation, to save time on shipping, send parcels to the administration of class 1. Price of this kind of items are significantly more expensive than the valuable parcel, but they reach their destination in a 2 times faster .

Moment # 5. Reliable technical support. Do not think that your work ends by sending the disc to your customer. 80% of people will write to you to help in any situation, it is not because you are poorly explained. No matter that all the schedule is not possible. 100% of you are forgetting something in the process of content creation and simply did not mention in the course so be kind to your customers and help them in all, what possible. Create this function is a special mailbox, or create a customer support center and respond to letters every time you connect your computer to the Internet! The most frequently asked questions can be put to public display, for example, make a small note on the blog or post a video tutorial in its newsletter Take Action!

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