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Schooling is also referred to as one of the most important parts of national heritage, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico are considered average to 8 degrees (eighth grade), this aspect is so important because it reflects the long run the country if not spent on education hardly succeed to be the power that we are expecting in 2040 from my point of view this is one of the most neglected by the government. The answer that I can find for this factor is, if we have what it takes to be a power in what regards the national heritage that poorly managed only need to work on efficiency in enterprises both public and private Mexican and leverage resources we have in our country. -National infrastructure is discussed in this statement is how the country in terms of kilometers of roads, ports, high, Internet connections, airports and government facilities. In Mexico we have about 360 000 km road network that connect to most of the country without But in most of the highways have to pay to use unlike other countries where the traffic is free it affects trade and partly to all users in addition to paying their taxes have to pay for transporting. As high ports are 10 among them those of Manzanillo, Veracruz, Tampico and Lazaro Cardenas these open the doors to the country's exports but the majority of them are limited in capacity, however, the government is working on the expansion of some. .

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