The End Of The World In 2012

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global land surface or destruction, there is simply no hope, even for those established by the Government in a matter of survival, let alone for the rest of us. But in the case of a global catastrophe, which means total annihilation, there is a ray of hope. Step one is to realize that once 2012 comes with all the disasters that accompany it, our way of life have to change. Our electricity system is turned off, the food will be preserved and must be harvested as in the old ways (if they can survive the climate), and water must be boiled (if any drinking water). The information will be lost, and cell phones will not work, and the cars will quickly become obstacles in the panic. Rigid thinkers and persons closed, will be the first to die in the new world. Crisis planning is the best way to prepare, knowing where to go before the collapse of the infrastructure and roads before traffic clogged with people trying to escape the cities. Will also be important, learn what supplies to collect, and how to survive without the amenities.

The best way to do it is part of survivors’ groups, based on altruism. Like the elephants work together to support each other and protected from outside dangers. The thing to understand is that, although 2012 seems daunting, if you can survive through the impact of the apocalypse (the solar activity, Planet X, or climate change), the storm will pass with time. With the preservation of human life and knowledge, things can return to something similar to what it was, but with a new, more attentive, and with the understanding that we are not lords of this creation. The Maya, who are the only ones whose calendar ends on December 21, 2012, saw the approaching end of the cycle with the conclusion, on the birth of a new phase.

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