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Council for the correct establishment of objectives for the Andres 2010.Julio rise at the beginning of year everyone intends to improve and achieve better results than the previous year. Many of these goals, however, become mere empty intentions of content within a few weeks. It is so easy to lose the goal of what we are trying to achieve and why. Once we do, we lose clarity and focus. When you lose that clarity and such an approach, you will be moving from one side to another and very fast to.ANY PARTE.las difficulties arise most people simply surrender to its goals and objectives there are three multiplier factors that will allow you to position themselves and achieve better than 90% of fatal in new year that comes. 3 steps for the correct establishment of objectives: Act at points of maximum leverage establishment of objective written manually SMART study Yale University Yale University 1950 method is He carried out a complex study on establishments of goals the result were amazing; they found that only 3% of the promotion for 20 years before had achieved all its objectives which it had proposed that 3% was precisely the group that established its objectives clearly and in writing it is important that the 2010 objectives are written and hand.

Signing such a declaration of goals because it is recorded in your subconscious how these goals should be: there is an acronym for SMART where each letter has a meaning in English: see below SMART 1.S-specific (specific): no point say the year 2010 I want to win more money. It is much better target if specific it and say this year 2010 I will win $20 more a year 2.M Mesaurable (Medibles): objectives should be fully measurable 3.A-Attainable (achievable) nothing serves to put you as a goal be the first human being to leave the solar system. You have to be based on your potential and situation in which you find yourself at the moment. I don’t want to say that it is impossible but it will probably be very difficult to achieve in the near future.(while this live) 4.R-Relevant/Realistic(Relevante Y Realistas): nothing serves you aspire to play in the NBA if you measure 1.50 or you’re in a wheelchair. and relevant to you to satisfy you as a person; No one can mark them only your. 5.T-Timed (marked in time) by areas: one or two goals by each area and written health:(trotar dia de por medio, terminar con el cigarrillo) financial:(trabajo ahorro inversiones) relations:(amigo, familia, pareja) spiritual:(meditar, yoga, auto motivacion) leverage there that enfocare in 20% of the activity that produce me 80% of the results focus 80% of our effort daily in 20% of our work that actually produces high yields identify those activities are not going to produce greater results how do to put your mind into action so that all our thoughts exactly focus on goals to achieve, without distracting us and guiding us exactly in the road to success. If this information seemed to him to be helpful and want to help someone else, I reenvie this article among your contacts, insurance will increase any that will be anonymously grateful to him.

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