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Human behavior has been studied for many years with some wonderful discoveries and others to discover. As basic assumption of NLP believe that all behavior has an intention it positive. From the child with a tantrum until an adult who uses drugs. Is that you may sound strange but only expects to complete the article and then you make your judgement. The human being has sought pleasure for a long time, has sought happiness, power, money, health, virility, among others.

It should be noted that none of this is bad. Sometimes we rushed to judge people by their actions and behavior however, not look at the intentions of these. What do you think when you see a drug addict in your note? We think that there is another human being lost that surely their parents did not love, or that if gave him love but this came out rebel. Visit Amazon for more clarity on the issue. The reality that unless you know him personally, we don’t know what led up to there. Now, what I want to show here is that conduct, the Act of consuming drugs is not good, but the intention that has that human being if it is good. If as you read it, the intention is good because this person what this is looking for pleasure, relaxation, and that in itself is not bad, only being used in the incorrect context. In this case it is necessary to take this patient to that intention of pleasure to another context that is correct. On the other hand, a woman who went through a divorce and suffered enough, that she is now married again and this husband new mistreats her, but she prefers to endure for avoid passing again by another bitter suffering process to the divorce.

Doing this it ends up creating a cycle of suffering since the this be avoiding suffer through another divorce opts for a suffering worse called abuse. The intention of it is good because it is preventing the suffering, but that intention is not used in the correct context, since you opt for a worse suffering that may end up in death. The purpose of this topic is to create awareness regarding our intentions to thus be able to use them in the correct context. There is no negative intentions, only improper contexts. Original author and source of the article.

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