World War II Europe

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These are extremist nationalism in Spain. They prevail and think about how to live better or much better within their borders, although these no longer exist. How to expel the foreigners, how to enhance their own ethnic groups with forgetfulness of other human beings … And they a "the daughters of EVAA " and somehow managed in the shadow world of men: This is good for us, in particular, and in general, for the whole world. Being a woman means perseverance, willpower, ability to suffer, intelligence, machine human reproductive (until proven otherwise), sweetness overflowing on all sides … Can you be more and better in these worlds of God, the God of all religions?: Simply, no. a But this economic and political crisis in which Europe is going through it can and should be taking a commendable and constructive learning: citizens, as voters, we are really with our votes we can and should make political leaders to change their political ideologies. For that, thus the latter are more humane and constructive in society, and that the workforce is stable and no longer suffer the men / women hungry for bread, peace and justice.

So easy. a You must have personasa " politic leaders" willing and ready to commit, and in body and soul, with the ideology that promotes the construction of a permanent a Europeae Union as a nation to different confederations states is formed under a common logo: to become a citizen europeoa , rather than a Spanish, English, German, Austrian … That is, a little and forget a lot, and I mean, that Europe exacerbated nationalism and exclusionary, that swarm across Europe. History always repeats itself, but a few and bad for ordinary mortals. a La Coruna, 8 February 2010 and is a writer Mariano Cabrero "We had a bitter experience during the last World War II, death and horror without parallel one, and, it seems, we have not taken a firm and lasting education: no economically or politically "Overview Mariano Cabrero Barcena Madrid, 08/11/1938 Married, two children and lives in La Coruna (Spain) Writer, poet and essayist Officer of the State Administration / Range Executive, retired E- mail: Works: "Journalism: Dificil profession!, 1995" My commitment to journalism, 1998, Reminiscences of my youth, poems, 1994 -Miscellaneous deaths, dreams and memories, poems, 1995-The reality of my silence, poems, 1997-The journey of life, poems, 2001 La Coruna, September 27, 2007

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