Political Situation

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Official notice ANDEH. National association De Escritoras Honduras. ANDEH: Due to the political and social situation that at the moment affects to all the Honduran, Honduran and other residents in the country, we pronounced ourselves in the following terms: 1. To reject the coup d’etat committed against the legally formed government of president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 2. To condemn the appointment of temporary president Roberto Micheletti Bain.

3. We were united to any action that represents an opposition the committed attack against the freedom of expression of the Honduran town. 4. To disapprove to the National Congress and the commissioner of the human rights to betray the objectives of the institutions that direct. 5. We denounce the paper of the mass media that have stimulated the coup d’etat and they are in a partial attitude against the events that we lived. 6.

We reject the actions of the representing groups of the oligarchy in the country, that looking for to maintain status quo, have promoted and approved east blow to the democracy of our Honduras. 7. We request the solidarity of all and the intellectuals, the writers and the writers of the world so that we demand the respect to the human rights. 8. We pronounced ourselves pacifically in defense of the legally constituted democracy before which like producers of art, promoters and defenders of the human rights we are it jeopardize 9. The conferences of Char them are posponed enters us until new warning. Tegucigalpa M.D.C. 22 of 2009 July. Board of directors of the National Association De Escritoras Honduras.

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