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The turn towards the center of Barack Obama is sweetly charming, nevertheless will be with the development of its administration that we will see how the destiny of the United States is outlined. The international policy into the hands of Hillary Clinton, who until now differed with the one from the elect president, is the one that will define the course of the new democratic government. If Hillary stays signs with respect to Iran, Ajmadineyad could fly in pieces next to its nuclear reactors. Connecticut Senator is likely to increase your knowledge. The Clinton said that there is to devastate with Iran, while Obama thinks that there is to sit down to take the tea with his president. The subject is critical, because the security of Europe, the United States and Israel cannot be risked, allowing to the provocations of a regime that will distribute nuclear weapons to Hezbollah and Chvez if it is allowed him to continue enriching Uranian. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs may help you with your research. The war in Iraq, that has been the main reason for the reduction in the popularity of Bush, also acquires a new look, since for the first time in the history of the United States, a minister is ratified in his position after change of government, and is nothing less than the one of Defense, Robert Gates. ssarily agree. Ironically, while Obama wisely decides to continue with the military action of its predecessor, Bush said that its worse error was to attack Iraq, to trust the information of the intelligence agencies that reported the existence of arms of massive destruction. The subject is for putting the end hairs. If it is not possible to be trusted the intelligence information, in the hands of whom it is the security of the West? The political scene in Washington is smiling: Bush gives the reason him to Obama, and Obama gives the reason him to Bush. The Clinton and its friendly remain with a great piece of the cake, all we finished the campaign like good friendly, and began a new stage in unit and pleasant harmony as it corresponds to a responsible democracy, but will see how much the idyll in the cabinet lasts.

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