The Word is the Midwife of Thought

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Just as the word is the midwife of thought, Plato, Socrates was the midwife as a philosopher-course-for this, only exchanged ideas, not write a single line, the less was he, but was addicted to the truth … politicians listen? and nearly 50 of the 70 years he lived (before being killed by an atheist) was passed dealing with anonymous Greek Sophists were characterized by grandiose and eloquent speeches and short on truth. Centuries later a bishop at Hippo (Asia Minor) Professor of Oratory in the elites, then put his rhetoric fine and living in the service of Truth, the people and God, Today the world remembers as St. Augustine. Mention these facts because in Peru has begun selling Ideological and Political Spirits adulterated, pointing again to drive drunk in a town full of false statements, words, cloned, which is taken from the kernel of truth, lies that are offered in public squares and markets to changes in applause and votes, as a generation politicians arise spontaneously devalue the Truth in his speeches without a shadow of shame, less shame, that conceive the public as a party girl, those that bought and sold, and molds, consider the Review Public as Pavlov’s dog (Medical Physiologist) who drool and slobber secretes a bugle I think under that are sprayed, “the people, of course,” you think do you think? And vote as a physiological reflex to the populist gibberish.

It is true the final court of the time the sentence you someday someday! But now word of a politician, a ruler, a candidate must have the same weight of a moral contract … Moral? … Yes! something they should be and in this context should be prosecuted its mandate, including infringement carloads, give a moral sanction … will it help?, good moral suffering is characteristic of humans, animals do not have it! John Paul II Santo Subito! He said that the loss of ethical references, anthropological and spiritual being converted to the Society in an organization anemic, listless, sleepwalking, without reflections must be flagrant the source of virtue! We must demand the Nutcracker Political Moral in the exercise of their profession! perhaps do you think that being political is a matter of saying stupidity on stupidity?, and hear the sounds of the swords, soon the rivers will flow without armor and without dams and roll alongside Ochlocracy nutcrackers use politics as an end (Enriched with impunity, selling the nation) and not as a means (to serve the people.)

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