The Great Quest for National Identity

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Australia has a trip at this time said he tries to find its identity, is part of what treatment in the Olympics that took place in Sydney, that was part of the quest for national identity that was expressed based on symbols and metaphors that think was very important and outside observers see a different Australia Australians how we see it, but the event connected to the community and gave a common experience, some common symbols, common dreams, and the moment you write and move beyond is an endless story that we live, we can not capture, is a permanent history, is organic and I think any institution evolves globally or whatever, will have to take into account these different stories, histories of countries, national, global or Kosmic.

Dr. Ramon Gallegos also has a trip at this time Vicky says Damian in dialogue where he tries to find the identity of holistic education in Mexico through the International Foundation for Holistic Education. Furthermore, his desire is to eradicate suffering in the world and bring welfare to humanity through the movement of holistic education and a vision of spiritual life in Mexico. As we can see from previous discussions the importance that provides holistic education in different countries. Especially those that dialogues that lead us to understand the need to expand support of holistic education in the world. Therefore I will conclude this essay with dialogue as Marck Gerzon, begins with the proposition that we can start by establishing the relationship between three aspects that are critical to two, as they are, holistic education, the emerging new society and work Ken Wilber and adds Gerzon also the holistic vision of politics.

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