The Codes

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Another disadvantage of the Codes is that to modify them or to replace them it is necessary to overcome the resistance to the groups of intellectuals and groups of power that resist to the changes. Although it is certain in the Peruvian right to modify a law follows the same steps that stop to modify a Code, in this last case is necessary to need that although is certain that the same procedure is due to follow that when a law modifies, when a Code modifies or replaces is necessary certain consensus on the part of the jurists (jurisconsultos, lawyers, magistrates, public prosecutors, cash registers, professors among others) 11. CONSOLIDATION The consolidation consists of the grouping of the legislation of certain branch of the right, without modifying its content, the consolidation is realised in some branch of the right noncodified. That is to say, the consolidation is a compilation. Check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for additional information. 12. CODIFICATION AND CONSOLIDATION Many jurists confuse the codification with the consolidation, thus in the present work is necessary to differentiate both legal terms.

The consolidation is not just as the codification, since the consolidation is the grouping (arrangement) of the existing legislation of certain branch of the right, without modifying its content, that is to say, is a simple process but that the codification, since in the codification if it modifies the existing legislation, being able to suppress themselves and to introduce new institutions to the right, as well as to introduce new legal principles to the legislation. In some assumptions the codification originates a previous consolidation of the legislation that corresponds to the studied branch of right, which happens generally when this branch of the right is not still codified. Codes Roman not were properly codes but consolidations, which served so that the right matures and evolves, nevertheless, in our time the consolidation is used sometimes along with the codification.

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