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We understand above that Steinbeck if uses of a metaphor to mean the hope sprouting in the seio of America, represented in the citation. Therefore, the North American romance made possible a new agreement concerning the existing characteristics in the decade of 1930. Vinhas of the Anger mentions a period to it sufficiently conturbado of history economic politics and of the United States. In the economic plan, the trustworthiness of the capitalist system suffered abalos that had culminated in the Great Depression, marked for the speculation, superproduction and super-expansion of credit, in a context of low wages. Amazon has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The 1929 crisis was produced by the agricultural superproduction and industrial, as well as for the financial speculation in U.S.A., it initiated with ‘ ‘ crack’ ‘ of the Stock market of New Iorque and it was become enlarged for the world, if transforming into a great depression. The economic contraction, the unemployment in mass and the return of the intervention of the State in the economy had been its main characteristics. The workmanship the Vines Anger of the sample to the historical process concerning the economic events, that in turn were on the land. The capitalist relations are express clear in the romance, as well as all its contradictions, amongst them, the sort relation, that suffers deep alterations, inverting the familiar structure and its organization. .

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