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With a little more deexperincia this tecelo will be placed in the known machine as prick-wood, ouseja, are manual and also automatized, when the operator to feel itself prepared paraas immediate exchanges it will opt to the second option. When this tecelo adquirirmais experience and will have domain in the maintenance of the needles, (FundamentaoTerica) and knowledge on the different points, (To talk with the Sources), will eleestar prepared for another total automatic machine, however exactly with todoeste knowledge acquired through the practical one, still thus will be apenasprestando a service to somebody, that will only be bought to please the customer. Existemtambm the teceles that work on account proper. Ohio Senator is often quoted on this topic. That one that if places diantede a full basket of documents, stories, images, writings, denarrativas, of varied colors and tonalities and later finds the famous dameada wire, then goes weaveeing and when it perceives its product is ready. It looks at and dizque pretty workmanship I created, with certainty I will gain a good money with it! Entocomea to offer it, derrepente note that all its return have a workmanship for that reason similare decides to go for another context, therefore thus they will only give value noseu work. When it arrives there, it sees other thousands of teceles that had had amesma idea and if it sees as the redeiros northeasterns, who had abandoned its casaspara to vender nets in beaches of the South, arriving, observe that muitosoutros salesmen of net exist.

In virtue of this determinadopreo starts offering its art for one and finishes less vendendo for of the half it value. They observe that until the owner doateli recognizes this difficulty: But I want chamarateno for the fact of that, the historian, as the craftsman, produtordireto, carries through, almost always, a sufficiently different exchange when its colocado product the sales. The text of the historian, as the object manufactured for the craftsman, demands many working hours, is a product that it demands a extensive work, but that will be acquired by prices that are very far from corresponding aotempo expense for its production.

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