State Certificate

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Every buyer wants to buy a quality product, and no matter what it will be a: bread, a car or factory equipment. If earlier, in Soviet times, it was clear to all that the more expensive the better, now the price does not always match the quality. But according to the rules, each product must have a certificate of conformity GOST R production, which is set by law for mandatory certification. And it's like imported goods and domestic. In Russia, authorities accredited by State Standard, which is voluntary and mandatory certifications. Obtain a certificate of conformity GOST R is possible only on based protocols, which are compiled based on the results of tests carried out in a certified laboratory. And in many cases, the winner is the one who received a certificate of conformity.

How to get a certificate of compliance. Certification can be done voluntarily or involuntarily. Under necessarily be understood certification of products, which in Gosstandart a must certify. If the question is on imported goods, it solves the Federal Customs Service. And to be able to bring in imports will require a certificate of conformity GOST R.

There is a special nomenclature, which contains all the goods subject to mandatory certification. If there is any confusion with the products necessary to consult the list of certification bodies. If you can get the yellow form (certificate of conformity GOST R) can be assumed that the products have passed all those requirements. regulations. Get a voluntary certificate of conformity GOST R is a big plus to confirm the quality of the goods, but the certification does not replace the binding.

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