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AFMT – a unique, patented product. Motorists for the first time offered a lifetime warranty on the engine, which can not offer any producer of oils and lubricants in the world. Unlike conventional oil, Prolong acts directly to sources of heat. It connects with the surface, forming a film, the strength of which exceeds 200000psi, whereas the value of this index for synthetic oils 5000psi. Prolong interacts with metal surface and the reactions occurring at the molecular level, smooth, and at the same time strengthen the metal, reducing friction, overheating and the formation of various deposits. This means: Savings on fuel – up to 20% Savings on oil and lubricants – up to 60% Savings on mezhservisnom service savings on parts and repairs – reducing exhaust emissions. – Reduction of engine noise.

– Reduction of friction and high temperatures. – Elimination electrochemical corrosion. – Elimination of wear at cold start. – Elimination of corrosion and oxidation. – Elimination of oil leaks. – Increasing the life cycle.

– Increasing overall efficiency. – Increased compression. – Increase in strength. Our company is the exclusive distributor of TM. 'Prolong' in Russia and CIS countries. We are looking for companies and organizations interested in promoting the Russian market of high quality lubricants production 'Prolong' (USA). The quality of the product for themselves say 3 things: 1. Company Prolong (U.S.) gives a lifetime warranty on the engine being processed Prolong. 2. Company Prolong (U.S.) is ready to pay $ 1 million to those who present the best product. 3. Company Prolong (USA) entered the market with the slogan 'The best oils and lubricants in the world' and then against it was filed on the 'oil' corporations who eventually won. – Will save millions of rubles, which would you spend on fuel and repairs – will increase the strength – increase the overall efficiency – will help reduce operating costs – will extend the life of Prolong International Corporation manufactures under the brand name 'Super Spanking Prolong' high lubricity and manufacturing products for automotive, industrial and consumer goods. Prolong products are designed in accordance with the "most effective level of protection and performance . Accordingly, defining the company's goal is creation and distribution of products "have no analogues in the world . The main production is concentrated Prolong International Corporation in Irvine, California. Current production is presented under such brands as "Super Lubricants Prolong and Products for Topical Prolong across America and in international markets. Prolong shares traded on U.S. exchanges under the symbol 'PRL.' Patent confirms that there is no such lubricants, as Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT ). This revolutionary technology is effective and unique in its kind. At the beginning of his presentation to the market, Prolong technology has been tested on giants like DeBeers-mining of gold and diamonds in South Africa mines copper mining in Chile, commercial and industrial equipment in Detroit. Prolong Lubricants provide unparalleled assistance to optimize production, reduce maintenance costs and longer operation. But the best evidence of the quality of Prolong, it's multiple wins in the automotive and motor sports, the recognition of product Prolong drivers, mechanics and team leaders around the world.

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