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Questions about the company: Is there a market analysis and competitor; Is there a marketing strategy and spending on it, How stable is the funding of the company; Can you get a bank positive feedback about the company; Are there any problems with staff or with the bank; Do you need a substantial investment in the firm, sources of funding current activities; Do debts. Thus, we assume that you find a suitable business, check for the presence of hidden flaws and decided to – take. How can all draw legally competent? How does the process of buying existing business? It depends on the organizational-legal form, you vending business. In the case of a corporation – GmbH is going through the purchase of shares, resulting in completely changing the composition of the participants, to make changes in founding documents and their subsequent registration in the Handelsregister. Registration of any changes going on in parallel, ie You can immediately use this legal entity in its work. If you want your business is only a component part of a GmbH or a legal form of organization Einzelunternehmen, GbR, OHG or KG, the transaction takes place by re-registration of all contracts for the new owner, ie you, if you have a similar status, or on a firm owned by you are. Here it is necessary to separate the business itself and the container (the enterprise), in which the business is embedded.

For example, if you want to buy a shop, there is absolutely no need to buy a legal entity to which this shop was previously issued. And if the old owner – the entrepreneur, the other options simply do not. Indeed, in this case, 'container' for the business he serves. For business immigrants create a container for business, ie, entity is necessary in most cases. It's not being a resident of Germany, a foreigner has no right to engage in private business. Therefore, any purchase from private employers or associations is only possible under the scheme renegotiation of contracts for the new entity. Owned by a foreigner may well be.

Of course, this option eliminates some of the benefits buying businesses, but also reduces the risks, because the old owner is not only 'good' credit history, but all the 'skeletons in the closet', but the business is sold free from unnecessary encumbrances. We hope that presented arguments convince someone that the purchase of ready business is not only a matter of very real, but we have several advantages over the creation of their own business with a 'zero'. In conclusion, we want to advise only one thing: Purchase of business, as well as the conclusion of any contract, even though the purchase of real estate, at least for purchasing a car, can be carried out directly between buyer and seller. But in this case, all of the risks borne by buyer. When connected to the transaction of business broker, your costs will definitely increase the value of his fee, but the security of the transaction will increase immeasurably. Moreover, these expenses you awake from the tax base, and a significant part of get back on Finansamta. Trifle, but it's nice.

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