South Africa

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' ' Cotas' ' they supply the deficit of the education of base and has effect in short term, that is, it is a fact that if shows with fast consequences and strong social impacts. However, it is not a prize the mediocrity and yes a facilitador, compensator of the different preparations to the competition of the vestibular contest that has a white, capable to provide good education and a black that submitted to the terrible educational system public Brazilian. Destarte, ' ' quotas raciais' ' in the universities if they present all with importance because they convert or they minimize a focus of inaquality and, with a historical process of exclusion and inaquality, is not coherent nor moral to say that this action attacks against I begin of the inaquality. This affirmative action in the education is destined because this is the truily efficient way to provide an excluded classroom with conditions to insert themselves and to ambientar themselves in the society. Not obstante, ' ' quotas raciais' ' they will not have perpetual effect, nor total effectiveness, is the first step necessary to revert the current Brazilian social problem.

Justified for the disdain to the black, for all slaughter that was destined in such a way it how much to the indian it is that if it must know a misery situation that we do not know and we do not give the due importance. . ARGUMENTS CAPABLE TO BASE EACH POSITION In favor of the system of quotas 1. The effective racial inaquality today in Brazil has forts historical roots and this reality not it will be modified significantly without the application of directed public politics to this objective, as it is the case of the system of quotas. To have an idea, exactly in the days of apartheid, the blacks of the South Africa counted on a bigger average escolaridade that of the blacks in Brazil in the year of 2000; the percentage of black professors in the South African universities, still at the time of apartheid, was very bigger that the percentage of the black professors in our public universities nowadays.

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