Reformation Politics

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The reform politics is being argued for our representatives in Brasilia and, very probably, we citizens will be of we are of this quarrel. Two item seem to be consensuses in the congress. One is on the public financing of campaign and the other is on the voting in list. The campaign financing always was an item that cause a series of quarrels, therefore has participation of private financing buying politicians to defend particular interests. Of this form, left with lined up neoliberal philosophies and more with the market they tend to accept this type of financing, exactly that the interests of great entrepreneurs are total opposing of the majority of the population. To another concern with the public financing of campaign it is the proportionality of these views to the political parties. Therefore, what he is being argued is that the parties with representation in the congress only is that they will have the biggest slices of these resources. The parties with minor or no representation will be with the lesser slices or, in the truth, with nothing.

Of this form, it is gotten hurt democracy and the equality of rights, therefore only the hegemonic parties, such as, PSDB, PT, PMDB and DEM would be the benefited greaters case the reform politics are defined and approved in such a way. The small parties would not have as to compete in conditions of equality being harmed its performances and with very small possibility to choose some representative. On the voting in list what he is being argued it is that the party is who will go to elaborate this list with the names of its candidates. that will take ownership who will be in the top of the list. For example, let us say in party PXX has ten candidates. Let us say that these candidates are classified in numerical order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).

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