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Article 225 of the Brazilian Constitution, makes use on the protection to the environment: law 6,938/81 establishes the National Politics of Environment; law 6,803/80 makes use on the basic lines of direction for the industrial zoning in critical areas of pollution, and moreover, the question widely is explicitada and argued in chapters 19, 20 and 21 of Agenda 21, access 28/08/08, Agenda 21, River ( A residue is not, as a matter of principle, something harmful. Many residues can be transformed into by-products or substances cousins for other lines of production. 2,3 Degradation of the environment the ambient degradation caused by industries was a reality, in the past, and continues being, in the gift, therefore few are the companies who if worry about such social reality. However, using common-sense and good will, the profitability of the companies it can and it must be conciliated with a sustainable and inhabitable world. According to Rebollo (2001), attention and cares stop with the available resources in the nature, or the production of products and residues that, eventually, come to affect the environment, is 0 variable that grow of importance in the strategical planning of the companies. The support, before defended only for the scholars, became, nowadays, one of the flags raised for entrepreneurs of almost the whole world. The development concept sustainable then, it passed if to spread out, becoming a current reality, in the majority of the companies.

The great challenge, that now faces, is to obtain to make compatible the economic growth with the preservation of the nature. 3. METHODOLOGY APPLIED the methodology of this work, according to Silva and Menezes (2001), is an applied research, therefore it congregates knowledge for the practical application, aiming at the solution of specific problems. She is also qualitative, therefore it was carried through by means of systematic comment, not requiring, thus, the use of methods and statistical techniques.

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