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But the problem is also in understanding what it means to be a light Populations. I suggest taking a look at this issue from this side: One of the key moments at which to begin the conflict – is replacement theology church of Israel. Further, Islam also used this principle. And if Christians are right that the Jews did not meet "expectations" of Gd, and He lifted his promise of an eternal covenant with the Jews, to renew the covenant with Christians, then Muslims can and with full right to assert the same thing. But this in turn turn, will say that Gd does not keep his word.

And that means that you can not trust Him. But if the covenant of Gd with Israel remains in force, then Israel has been and should remain a light unto the nations. Is this true? And what do we mean by that? I think that This means that Israel is a testament to Gd, which He gave to mankind, in order to serve them as a guide. That is, it's not about the superiority of Jews over other peoples, and evidence of who governs world really is. If you look at the other level, with a height of stories, you can see dozens of empires, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, ancient and modern India and China, Europe, America, Africa, can be seen in the vast mixture of nationalities and beliefs, are often opposed to each other. Against this background, we can observe a completely different picture, looking at Israel and the Jews and their history.

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