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So it was beneficial for Alexei to burn wood. Alex lets a treasured path of three soldiers with the unlit torch, and one of them into rivers, a small candle. They are suited to the site alleged arson – is a sawmill, sawdust strewn around, and small pieces of wood. The forest was dry, so that the fire at the moment got to turkskogo camp. In the camp there were quite a few people, because the rest were on defense.

The challenges for the defense in fear of losing their belongings, left the defensive positions and fled to the camp. But, alas, there was almost nothing left. As long as they shoveled the floor burning with obstruction, which would save at least some things have not noticed them surrounded the fire. And taking into barrels last stretch of water, began to put out his path to salvation. Soon from the smoke, the four blackened soot and smoke an Arab. And they gave the signal that the Crusaders are set.

The Crusaders took them into captivity and taken to the castle. In the evening came a letter from the governor of Belvoir that it intercepted the reinforcement third party. Alex decides to leave the governor of Antioch, and move on through the week. Chapter 4: The Siege of the Arch. Reason Krak – de – Chevalier. Hike to the south continues. Lords of the smaller emirates meekly surrender their land and pay tribute to the Crusaders. Arch – the first city which has resisted.

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