Politics and Press

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The politics and the press possess a hisrica alliance, and without doubts, of utmost importance for the construction of the country. This linking is consequent of the dispute of these two agents for the same area of performance: the public. Amongst the innumerable papers of the press, he is distinguished to transmit to the population the governmental decisions and actions, promoting the esclarescimento public. The notable influence of the press in this direction already provoked the insatisfao of many governing, as she occurred in the period of the Brazilian dictatorship. The result was the repression and the limitation of the press freedom.

The power of the media extends of the information to the popular mobilization in subjects politicians. It is, many times, the responsible one for the organization of strikes, walks, protests, etc. Reveals equally efficient in the support and the opposition, being able to form or to modify opinions. It is, therefore, half an extremely considerable in the branch politician. One individual never will be a good politician if not to know to deal with the press, therefore any distraction can put its popularity at risk. The press and politics are linked, the imperfection of one compromise the performance of the other. For the full functioning of the two it is necessary that they work the same focadas in objective: the progress politician..

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