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These deposits occurred over many geological periods of the life of the earth, when they were created favorable for their appearance geochemical, hydrogeological and climatic conditions. The source of these deposits is the sea water from salt deposits which were formed and mineral salts, and salt lakes, and underground brines. In the evaporation of sea water that penetrates the cat stagnant than half the concentration salt is gradually increased. Of saturated brine GOVERNMENTAL crystallized salt, which formed a long-time powerful strata. Continue to learn more with: Paulo Coelho. Often, the evaporation of water occurred in a sequential movement through not as basins with restricted drainage, which led to the formation of salt deposits formations of different composition of the composition of salts, highlighted in various stages of evaporation. Continued scaling in the winter periods at low temperature so brines, which also led to changes in the composition of crystalline phases. Concentration and the ratio of salt in ocean water in different geological epochs does not remain unchanged.

K changes in the composition of the primary salt deposits and the formation of secondary causes birth place erosion has formed the primary reservoir of groundwater and brines. Additional information is available at Paulo Coelho. Significant role in these processes are chemical interactions with surrounding fluids continental rocks. Finally, a significant influence on the formation of salt deposits and the subsequent changes have their tectonic phenomena. All of these processes, ongoing and is currently under lead to the formation of numerous deposits of soluble salts – salt lakes and their sediments, groundwater concentrations of brine and powerful solid deposits, which consist of cover colliding each other salt layers of different composition. .

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