Novelties Year From General Motors

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New items from the model number of General Motors came to General Motors – Opel: Opel astra, Vectra, minivan Zafira, a GM – Cadillac that is in the Russian automotive market two new models – sedan Cadillac BLS, Escalade II, and of course in General Motors – Chevrolet : Chevrolet trail blazer, Lacetti, Chevrolet Spark mini. Tell you about the most significant changes in the family Opel. According to company General Motors, the new "Corsa" was more "aggressive and stylish." Sport looks really inherent in three-door version of the model, which was created specifically for active young people. Together with the "corso" the company has updated and the most popular model of the company – Astra. Now in its lineup includes sports and modification of self-tuning studio Opel – OPC. Russian automotive market two new models from Cadillac – Sedan Cadillac BLS, Cadillac Escalade II.

The front-drive BLS is equipped with three engines – two 2.0-liter with 175 hp and 210. with. and 2.8-liter – 255 hp. with. As the sedan was created with the expectation of the European market, All motors are mounted on the BLS do not differ typical "Americans' environmental performance. Escalade II is equipped with engine monstrous amount of 6.2 liters – 403 liters. with. (565 Nm). Designers greatly changed appearance SUV, but the Escalade remained recognizable. The interior is offered in two color options – "Ebony" or "cashmere". Interior, dashboard and steering wheel trimmed with leather, which is natural for the Escalade.

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