National Congress

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Then, in one mixture of cyanide and water (take 370 liters of water per second that if they continued their normal course would end in the homes of family, fauna or flora) and separate the precious material that is estimated, is one gram per every four tons of stone. There a tail dam is formed with these wastes imagine where it ends. There forever!Cordilleran governors who suggested the President to veto the law include Jose Luis Gioja, Governor of San Juan and promoter of reforms to mining laws and the code of mining in the 1990s. These standards are today and legal support in which companies take refuge as Barrick Gold, which explodes among other sites of Veladero and is starting with the Argentina Chile of Pascua Lama binancional. The Gioja family owns, among other ventures, the company bentonite Santa Gema, a provider of Barrick Gold. Jorge Mayoral, Secretary of mining of the nation and also San Juan, was one of the advisers of the President for the veto.

Mayoral is also entrepreneur linked to the mining in his province.In short, two or three men with clear interests in their pockets mortgage the future of millions. There are no excuses. The work generated by mining companies to the locals is negligible, in smaller areas like maestranza, surveillance and cleaning and low wages, money that leave you to the provinces and the nation is almost non-existent (does not reach 1%) and the damage caused is irreparable and permanent. Insist, do not give up. Monday, March 1 environmentalist groups have organized a meeting to insist on the vetoed bill. It will be in Rivadavia and Sarandi, a few blocks from the National Congress. There will be the President inaugurating the regular legislative sessions. A good opportunity to express that the water is ours, the glaciers are our dignity above all.

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