Movement Pro Reforms Protests

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They had requested the boycott of the approved process Friday in rrndum. They managed to reunite to thousands of people in several cities of the country. The new Magna Carta received the support of 98.5% of the emitted votes. Movement 20 of February, that requested the boycott of the process of constitutional reform in Morocco, organized east Sunday his first national protest after the past Friday in the popular consultation the votes in favor of the new Magna Carta would arrive at 98.50% from the emitted ones. In Rabat more than 2,500 people they organized a march from the historical place of Bab the Had towards soothes of the Moroccan Parliament, and shook placards against " despotismo" and " corrupcin". " The town rejects the Constitution of esclavos" , " not to the constitutions that are elaborated with the absence of pueblo" , " not to the governor who robs the money pblico" they were the main slogans vitoreadas by the demonstrators.

The member of the illegal movement islamist Justice and Charity Abu Chita Musaid said that the protests of this Sunday constitute " a popular message to the propagandas of Marruecos" , in rrencia to the constitutional reform. National pact Indeed, Justice and Charity, that part of Movement 20 of February forms, asked to all the political forces that " they initiate a global dialogue on the base of a national pact for the change, abierto to all the parts and that it avoids that Morocco go towards abismo". Musaid added that the State still " it has not responded to the vindications of the Movement of the 20 of Febrero". The mentioned movement, among other things, demands a constituent assembly that grants to Morocco a new Constitution, the aim of the policy of the economic monopoly, to enjoy guarantee of the services of health and education, the right to the use and the reduction of the life cost.

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