June Singer

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However, according to 'Express-Gazeta, Tanya has found solace in alliance with keyboardist' Summer Garden 'Andrew Hierarchy. Another 'duck' was a rumor that Bulanova hanged herself. The rumor was so tenacious that it should be denied through the media of the singer. Another piece of gossip about Bulanov was devoted to her alleged love affairs with colleagues from the pop-together. Then she attributed the novel by Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., then with Dmitry Malikov, and even with the composer Igor Korneluk.

Last rumor was born out of a joke. Bulanova and Korneluk performed together in the Jubilee 'Programme A', where Tatiana joke put on the veil. And among the audience there were people with no sense of humor, and who carried the news of the impending marriage of composer and singer. They say that even Friends Kornelyuk almost believe in this rumor. Meanwhile, in June 1996, one of the rumors – about the singer's death – just not confirmed. Tanya says: 'I have a guardian angel.

And, apparently, very caring. I got into a terrible accident. It was a day elections on 16 June. I raced on country road, something overlooked and In general, at full speed, jumped the track and flew very far. Saved me just what I was fastened, though just a few minutes before the accident at I had a crazy idea to unfasten – way line of policemen to be seen. And here, perhaps a guardian angel and whispered in my ear – do not you dare. It was a miracle: the car to pieces, and I only have bruises, bumps and hysteria – the laughter, the tears

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