Jean Carlos Neris

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Therefore, as well as the indians, who, when passing for definitive rituals, change of name, the proposal of a law becomes interesting that authorizes the people, when completing eighteen years, to choose if they want to continue with the names who had received from the parents or if they want to move. It is truth that the law already authorizes the change of exotic names, when cause vexame, and the inclusion in the names of culturally consecrated elements, as it happened with Squid, that included its mark in its name. But she is necessary to advance more in this question, therefore they exist many unsatisfied citizens with its names and need to load such nomenclatures daily, therefore they lie on its names, when they could move of name, one alone time, to the eighteen years, this without speaking in the individuals that assume different sexuality throughout the life, since today until the exchange of sex is possible. The idea can seem stranger, but, it will have practised, it will prevent many traumas and it will expand the democracy, perhaps therefore to be obliged to load the entire life a name that it is not liked is unacceptable a social imposition, therefore is not more obligator than the wife adopts the last name of the husband, as well as already is possible to the husband to adopt the last name of the woman, an alteration in the culture that can generate more opening in this thematic one. Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. Another necessary renomeao to happen in regards to professions marked for the depreciation. Gari, for example, indispensable to the health, therefore without the work of it would have enormous proliferation of illnesses, could be called ambient agent, to more gain brought up to date and valued context of its performance. As it is known, the names load religious, social and cultural significaes excellent, therefore they need to be taken the serious one for who nominates people, professions and even though objects, thus valuing the responsibility lingustica of who if communicates by means of the verbal language. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula.

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