Imperial Japanese Navy

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I cannot forget, for a moment, the deaths that took place at the military base of Pearl Harbor, Oahu Hawaii (USA).(UU., 7 de diciembre de 1941), but this was an attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States Navy. History always repeats itself, for worse many and well a few. And now we go back to the year of 1968, when the five permanent members of the Council of security of Nations United us.UU., the Soviet Union, China, United Kingdom and France, meeting, they agree to and sign the NPT (Nonproliferation Treaty Nuclear). But to little avail, as the India was made with the atomic bomb (1974); then got it Pakistan (1998) and, of course, counting with the consent of the previous countries of the Security Council. Amazing!, but is true. As for Israel, I understand also possessing atomic bombs, since it is the great ally of USA.UU. The first is making war on its own its war, what has created instability policy in the Middle East.

Let us assume that, Mr Bush, do not make the mistake of starting a new war against Iran or North Korea: the consequences would be unpredictable. More military business in relation to Iran nor marching in the right direction. There is a nuclear program seconded by Mahmud Ahmadineyad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, even if one considers that the Iranian regime has been years ago thinking about possessing nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom, France, have tried to solve this crisis, but Iran – rulers – are not for the work. No doubt want closed to the Western world, and not go down the path of progress. Even though many times the last is bathed in blood and tears. However, Iranians are in their perfect right to possess nuclear power, as countries such as Israel, India, Pakistan also have. Currently established nuclear policy is accommodative and partial.

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