Albacete General Technical Institute

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There was my house and there was my crib. Eleazar Huerta. THE voice of the poet exile Eleazar Huerta made in Spain, before the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, a poetry of great formal perfection with an important modernist initially reminiscence and, subsequently, with influences of Lorca, Alberti and Miguel Hernandez. Poetry that suffers a remarkable change on arrival to Chile, country where there were exiled, and poet tried to explain us: crossing the Andes / is seen dead, with a vague tingling in ears / by conscience and remembrance vows los Andes / Andes remained in my chest / I am a quiet man / who sees what I do not see / am a consequence of water and birds / am a secret fire / I am like a new Lazarus / resurrected and killed the demon terrible Andes / wanders through my deserts the joy of poetry of Huerta in Spain are transmuted into pain in his poetry of exile, which is a poetry of solitude. Poet, essayist, literary critic, philologist, journalist, University Professor, jurist and political Eleazar Huerta Valcarcel was born in Tobarra, Albacete, on December 22, 1903 and died in Santiago de Chile in 1975. He studied Bachelor in Albacete General Technical Institute and graduated in law at the Universidad Central de Madrid.

Militant of the Socialist Labor Spanish party held various positions during the Republic. The black biennium was appointed deputy provincial, though he refused to take possession of the same. Member of the Board of agrarian reform. On March 1, 1936 he was elected President of the Diputacion Provincial de Albacete. On October 16, 1937 he was appointed General Director of the contentious. In that year he married the young Emilia Moreno Fernandez.

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