Finland Payment

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State tax is 4% of the purchase price. It can be returned within 2-3 years if the property is not was sold again. If the tax was not paid within provisions of the six months, it increased from 4% to 20%. For each subsequent month of non-payment should be a new tax increase by 20% until payment of tax will be 100%. Tax on apartments – one-time tax on the transfer of funds – is 1,6% of the value of the shares. Responsibility for the payment of the Buyer. Buyer independently calculates the amount of tax and transfers him on the expense of the tax administration within two months from the date of the transaction. Further, the irs granted the calculation of the size of the tax receipt for the payment and a copy of the contract of sale of shares.

A copy of the receipt of tax superintendent presented for registration in the housing corporation. It's worth noting that if you decide to sell the purchased real estate in Finland in less than two years from the date of purchase will pay the government 28% tax on profits from sale. Before the transaction you may have access to the local municipality with open registers which included information on the ecological status of a location for future housing areas, as well as ask the seller documents on technical condition of the house, where even attached photos of hidden pipes. If you wish to make further technical examination of the structure – perhaps apply to the expert, after agreeing with the seller any of you would pay for the services of a specialist.

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