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Jose Silveira de Oliveira I want here to count this beautiful history that happened of truth. JESUS acting in the day the day of the people. Antonio a young father of three children counted this history to me of love. It dismissed was and paying rent, the money finishing to buy food and to pay the expenditures of the house. He was to look job, in the quarter of the Penha, he had many companies, he was it there passing for a street, were accurately eleven hours of the morning, when suddenly he came a beggar, to ask for money to it to eat. Antonio stopped looked at for the beggar and said: – Friend I do not have nothing for giving to it, also I am passing for a difficult situation. The beggar looked at for it and said: He is with GOD and he was even so.

Antonio at this accurate moment looked at for the sky crying and said: He forgives me to JESUS, but I did not have money to help this brother, and I cried intensely in the way of the street. Following week to this fact, Antonio did not have a tosto in the pocket, the sick son, despaired, He was to the room if he kneel in the soil if he concentrated and he asked for the JESUS: – JESUS helps, I needs me to bring money stops house, I have that to buy remedy my son and to buy food the money is finishing. Antonio insisted: Because it wise person AND TRUSTED WHAT JESUS said: ' ' Part and the door if abrir' '. It insisted, praid, cried and left full hope and with much interior force, He left house to search its survival to obtain some thing to make and to gain some money, when suddenly, gave that snap in its mind, to visit a cousin rich.

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