Economic Development

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We find it difficult to judge which of the Abkhaz opposition what specifically is concerned, but the coincidence of the objects of criticism can not direct on sad thoughts. Alas, in Abkhazia pretend play. Designed not to its population, for whom, without exception held elections. And for Russia. We would like to draw attention to the following lines from the statement of the political council of the Republican political party "National Unity Forum Abkhazia "and the Supreme Council of the social organization of veterans," Arua ":" Even today, in response to a discussion of the treaties governing relations between Abkhazia and Russia in various fields, President Bagapsh, making these statements anti-Russian painting, consciously pursuing a line aimed at the opposition of those forces in Russia. This is a blatant struggle with the opposition ahead of elections.

Meanwhile, the opposition has consistently upheld policy of strengthening the close relations with Russia, sharply criticizing the leadership of Abkhazia multi-vector policy, officially proclaimed by the President. We strive to Abkhazia to meet the high level of Union with Great Russia, and not turned into a quasi-state formations, lacking levers of economic regulation and parasitical on external grants. Politics of power presents a real threat to the existence our nation and independent state. We urge the president to return to the legal framework, otherwise we will seek his resignation. " That's not all. May 20 leaders of the Party of Economic Development (ERA), the Forum National Unity, the Social Democratic Party, the People's Party and public organizations "Ahatsa" and "Arua" was circulated a declaration that the President during a press conference May 15, 2009 "provoked destabilize the political situation in the republic and the growth of anti-Russian sentiments in society.

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