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Perhaps this knowledge to the lot of experts – consultants, synergy and cost of services which focus on the most compelling lines of the document. However, from our point of view, since the restructuring of management needs vast majority of Russian companies, we believe it is possible in this series offer some technology companies on the introduction of regular management – business organization based on clear procedures and standards of governance. Regular management requires a clear structure, simple components – a sort of conveyor, which suggested that Henry Ford, the task of expanding the vehicle assembly into small steps that make it possible to teach any zhelayuschego.Etot cycle progresses, our previous publications, projects, consulting group BIG 'Seven Music Management' (together with the magazine 'expert') and 'regular management: stencils' (together with the magazine 'Business people'). But here we are, on the basis of lessons learned, increasingly are trying to reflect the purely technological aspects of production and the computerization of business management. Practice shows that the most effective way implementation of the restructuring process is similar to the following sequence of steps (as long as a close-up): 1. Administrative examination and analysis of the situation 'as is'. 2. Develop and implement a plan activities to transition from the state 'as is' in the 'how to': Developing a strategic plan (mission, goals, strategies to achieve them) Development of long-term business plan and securing a new description Description of organizational structure and strengthening the financial structure of the description and the consolidation of business processes and workflow system Setting the computer system of warehouse and industrial account Statement and computerized marketing system Production system and computerization of financial management (contours budgeting, financial analysis and forecasting, computerized accounting) 3. Integration all circuits in a single computer system of enterprise management in general, this approach to management based on the following principles: a preliminary documentation of the source state of the enterprise optimization of existing operations during the transition to computer technology, the creation of clear regulations on all intra-implemented control circuit a result of their consecutive conduct has the following benefits: After the diagnosis is significantly increased 'transparency' company, which inventoried and secured everything in its facilities and business processes are identified and as the center of financial responsibility (revenue and cost centers) appears the basis for resolving the contradictions and problems existing within the company, which will inevitably come to the surface, during diagnosis (for example, many existing enterprises procedures and forms of economic and financial documents were 'inherited' from non-market methods of management, do not carry significant information, creating a semblance of activities and generate extra costs) The whole process of design and implementation can be parallelized, which allows you to immediately begin production of the most important at this point the contours of financial management.

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