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Accounting services and the pros, cons of "external accountant." Such a relationship today is fashionable to call a foreign word "outsourcing." Exact term in the Russian language yet, the closest to the value of the phrase "execution non-core functions of the customer's specialized agencies. "Outsourcing should be distinguished from contracts for work and paid services. For him the client may delegate any work, provide any services, while outsourcing only those functions are transferred to the customer, in principle, to carry out samostoyatelno.Sredi small and medium business is the most common outsourcing accounting, human resources, and services. Home reason for this – to attract an external cheaper than the content in the state. Also, an "external accountant" or "external attorney" may interest an investor who is not directly involved in operational work – he gets an independent assessment of payback vlozheniy.Nemalovazhnymi factors, which are increasingly choosing accounting services as a professional, responsible, great quality guarantee autsorsera.Deystvitelno work if staff accountant has made a serious mistake, which led to fines and penalties by the tax authorities, to recover that sum from the employee's unreal. External accountant is most often committed reimburse the customer paid cash, if the violation occurred on his vine.K same customer gets a team of artists, whom he kept in the state simply can not. Typically, an external accountant hires to his work of specialists in different areas of accounting and taxation.

And even if the customer fails to pay, for example, legal services, he gets it indirectly – the outsourcer will use all their resources. Many companies, outsourcers insure their professional liability. So they increase the credibility and ensure receipt of insurance payments, if the fault occurs outsourcing some trouble. This outsourcer and attractive staff sotrudnika.Buhgaltersky outsourcing as "magic wand" for companies who need to recover or continue reporting record-keeping after the dismissal of the chief accountant pending novogo.Odnako outsourcing, like any phenomenon has a downside. By the cost of such a system of relations include sophisticated document management, the need to prove the theoretical tax authorities the validity of expenses (Note – the claim can only be at a disproportionately high cost to the outsourcer, the outsourcer and its settlement can take).

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