Copernicana Revolution

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The Copernicana Revolution removed the Land of the center of the universe, and having freedom to exceed old mooring cables through the scientific knowledge, the man took this place for itself. This was the said Age of the Lights, of the Clarification, converted into mechanist measures for men who turn in sciences an anthropocentric destination. The belief exacerbada in the mensurabilidade of the mathematical ones only lost its force in Century XIX, with the advance of biological sciences. In 1859, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) publishes the Origin of the Species, and in 1871, the Origin of the Man, workmanships that had contributed so that mathematical lost force for the empirical studies. These had been essential workmanships for the conception of that the animal species enter have a continuous linking, and that the man is part of this continuity.

This aspect was of great influence for the antropolgico thought, therefore to think about the man as part of the nature was essential for an overcoming of the iluminista thought (if it is that this paradigm really is abandoned). The man, as the other animals, can adapt it the environment where he lives, however, the adaptation human being has an essential difference, is not only about organic exponents. The man is capable to create techniques to surpass critical moments and to continue living, same in environments most inhospitable. This capacity to formulate techniques consists, then, in the beginning of the constitution of the proper culture human being. As Cassirer: It is the same railway circle of necessity that locks up our physical life in such a way as the cultural one. In its feelings, its inclinations, its ideas, its thoughts and its production of works of art, the man never breaches this magical circle. We can consider the man as an animal of superior species that produces philosophies and poems in a similar way that the animal-da-silk produces its cocoons or the bees construct to its celas.5 From this, can think that the man is, at the same time, natural and cultural one to be.

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