Continental Platform

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In the meetings that if follow will have to be constituted work groups in considered relief areas bigger for the Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans, as well as a net of Focal Points that facilitates the allotment of information and it becomes consequent more the decision and the deepening of the strategies genetic and structural sectoriais. It stops beyond position on the subjects in debate in the International Community, the concertao between countries of the CPLP in the area of the oceans allows to integrate and to participate in initiatives of international scope, contributing for the affirmation of the Community in the context of the global agenda of the Oceans. One becomes thus necessary that the Strategy for the Oceans constitutes a step for one Politics Inter-states for the Oceans, assertive affirmation and in the international context, promoting the interests of the State-members of sustainable form and that has carried to the national legislation what of better if can obtain multilaterally, therefore thus only exists lends benefit for the Community and each nation of Portuguese language. In this context and as example, another subject that has come to deserve some prominence in fruns related with the sea and the access the marine resources, it has to see with the extension of the continental platform of the countries of the CPLP (where Portugal presented recently in United Nations a process of magnifying of its continental platform) and that it currently constitutes a common objectivo and of strategies, for the potentialities that lock up. The preparation of the process of submission of the proposals of extension of the continental platform to present to the Commission of Limits of the Continental Platform of the Convention of United Nations on the Right of Mar (CLPC), is very complex and dispendiosa, mainly for the envolvement of technological ways in the identification them maritime spaces and in the legal elaboration it proper process of candidacy, having for this reason to be stimulated synergies of cooperation between the State-members of the CPLP, mainly dinamizando and conferring a strategical priority in the operacionalizao of the Center of Maritime Studies of CPLP (CEM/CPLP) and dedicating to the Structure of Mission for the Subjects of Mar (EMAM) a clear and urgent mission to contribute for the above-mentioned intention.

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