Cleaning Lotion

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Cleaning the house, three distinct species. 1. Daily. 2. Weekly. 3. Even General for easy cleaning of the house, you should be prepared, specially designed for this clothing. If not, then this must necessarily take care of.

Best overall fit for harvesting. Better if the suit would be without sleeves and roomy, this form will provide you freedom of movement. Any cleaning of the house, either daily or general – should begin with airing for that open windows or air vents to improve circulation and to ventilate the air. During the daily housekeeping, are in order. Beds. Aired bedding. Removes all things on their specific location. Pour flowers, change water in vases with flowers.

To dust the furniture and other items (primarily with the smooth and horizontal surfaces where dust settles most). Vacuum all carpeting. Wipe the floor in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom with a damp cloth (with the possible addition of detergents). Define you by their intended places. Wash and clean the dishes, wipe the plate, wash, peel and remove the entire household inventory. Take out the trash. Wash hands and put in the order itself, change into clean clothes. And remember, the use of special detergents, will greatly facilitate your work. Dor – Balsam. This is a very good purpose cleaner, designed primarily for wet cleaning of all house. He possesses excellent cleaning ability. It contains special ingredients that are well protect your skin from dryness and irritation. Dor – Balm does not contain in its composition, colors or preservatives. Approved facility, the organization of dermatologists. Apply – for normal, contaminated surfaces in diluted form. The dosage of detergent (2 caps per 3 liters of water). An especially strong contamination, the means to Apply to a rag or a polluted place, and then wipe with a damp cloth. Cleaning Lotion "ATA". This liquid detergent, which is recommended, with gentle cleaning, heavily contaminated surfaces and subjects. Has good ability, and thereby eliminates the need for heavily rubbed. Weekly cleaning is carried out as well as daily, only more carefully. Only batteries, window sills and Door wipe with a wet cloth dipped in water with a solution of ammonia. Treated with a vacuum cleaner, all curtains and drapes for doors and windows. Washes all the leaves of plants and flower pots. Remove dust from the walls, furniture, books, paintings, clean carpets and upholstery, cleans out clutter in the hospital site, polishing them, or other flooring. Carefully wipe all the lights, first unplug the light. General cleaning, induced in the house, at least 3 – 4 times a year. Two cleaning match of the season, with spring and autumn harvest, the other two are already at your discretion, to a significant date, for example, before the New Year or Easter, or before his birthday someone from the family members.

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