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Why have I not received (a) education in England? Such issues often raised by many young people. The easiest option: born in England. For you created all the conditions for education. From an early age you will be prepare them for school, then to college and later to the university. Compulsory level of education ends with high school graduation. What is the difference between education in England, from education to Russia? The first, most likely the most global, the difference – the presence of optional and compulsory subjects.

Some subjects (eg chemistry) are not required to teach his students choose at will. So way, education in England is largely dependent on awareness, independence and involvement in student learning. The second difference – the time of preparation for university and higher colleges. 10-11 in Russian school in the organizational plan is not much different from the 8-9 grades. Students learn about 10-15 subjects. At the end of the school shall be final and both exams in the form of a single state exam.

In the English system of education in preparation for going to study all three disciplines, the result of exam which will need to present at admission. It is this specialization involves Many people get an education in the uk. So what does it take to get an education in England, not being its citizen? Please note that the recommended age for enrollment in English schools Russian schoolchildren in particular, 15 – years. This period of pre-university training. For those wishing to go to study in the uk, you must have: a document certifying the knowledge of language (language certificate is not below the minimum level), money for training, the presence of a guardian in England, who will oversee all organizational matters, a desire to learn. And what if the idea of studying in England comes when you are studying at university? Do you have a chance to be trained to share or to win a research grant. Be of good cheer, because everything in your hands!

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