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Why does a bank account in Latvia is a good idea. If you are looking for a good foreign or offshore bank that does not require special banking recommendations, provides a confidential service that offers multi-currency accounts with access to the account, 24 hours / 7 days a week through the Internet and a lot of additional services – what you're looking for, you will be offered in a bank in Latvia. Latvia, a member of the EU and Schengen member of NATO – is a stable State of the Baltic region and one of the largest banking centers in Eastern Europe. The Bank Secrecy Act are strictly enforced in Latvia, which allows banks to offer customers a full range of banking services, attention to the development of modern banking technology and offer a full range of services through online banking. You can carry multiple sub-accounts in different currencies and to exchange currencies in real time you need it.

Latvian banks also offer their customers debit and credit cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, CirrusMaestro. You can open a special, brokersky account to work with Forex, and also enjoy other services, if your activity is associated with a regular exchange of currency or trade on an exchange. In Latvia, with more than 20 large and stable banks that provide banking services to individuals, companies and corporations, organizations and Governments of other countries. To open an account in a Latvian bank requires a minimum set of documents. For the private person is usually enough notarized copy of passport.

Some banks require Apostille or notarization cards with specimen signatures of persons authorized to access. Corporate customers to open an account should provide standard company documents, including the charter and certificate of incorporation, as well as attorney for the person with the right account management. Documents must be certified by the Apostille. The banking sector in Latvia is one of the most successful, but at the same time difficult to compete sectors of the economy. This The reason is that, thanks to liberal banking legislation adopted in the early 90's, the country has come quite a lot of big banks and foreign investors. The main advantages of Latvian banks are high level of privacy, low maintenance cost, availability of services in Russian or English, a wide range of services that distinguishes Latvia from most other bank offshore centers. In article 64 of the Law on Credit Institutions, adopted in October 1995 states: "Criminal proceedings established by law, expects any person who, intentionally or unintentionally made accessible to the community or an outside person, account information and financial services provided to customers if such information became available, as a result of ownership by that person of shares or capital in the institution, and disclose the person is a member of the board of the bank, the audit committee or trustee, employee of a credit institution, the Bank of Latvia or another agency or a representative independent external auditor. "The Latvian banking legislation, allows you to effectively carry out the tax and financial planning, making Latvia a leader in offshore banking and a good place to keeping money in the short and medium term.,

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