Constituent Documents

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Constituent documents, on a par with the law, are the basis for the functioning of the legal person. The founding documents of the participants clarify the general rules of law relating to their interests. Constituent document entity, on the basis of the said Article 52, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, in the most general case is a memorandum (a general partnership or limited partnership) or, for example, memorandum of cooperation with the charter (For companies with limited liability and additional liability, as well as associations (unions)) or statute (for all other organizations). Also memorandum is sometimes used in the process of creating a non-profit partnerships and non-autonomous organizations. Some entities that are not included in the list of commercial organizations, in accordance with current legislation, in some cases have the right to act based on the general statute of public associations or on the general situation of the organization of a specific type.

Appropriate opportunities are enshrined in article 14 of the Federal Law "On Noncommercial Organizations" dated 12.01.1996 7-FZ. Thus, the articles of incorporation, in fact, only required the founding document for business partnerships. For other forms of legal entities other than the memorandum of association also required the charter. Changes in the memorandum of association of legal entities Memorandum is a legal entity. In this case, it is only when there are at least two of the founder of the entity. Consequently, for an organization that was created only one founder, in accordance with article 52 of the Civil Code, the only founding document – the charter.

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