A New Beginning For The End

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To oldest it was always devoted a natural authority on excessively. In the Roman empire, senex> Senatus PopulusQue Romanus that it wants to say the Senate and the Roman people. The illustrious patricians, but many were part of it already not so ancios (Catilina was not ancio, even so Ccero was).

Of any form, they were the men not only of bigger ownerships, but also of bigger study and knowledge. Much even so has invented and data name to this institution of decisions politics, the Roman Senate did not leave to have spots and to be a cavern of you intrigue moral and ethical politics and shunting lines. Perhaps either on account of the history that the Brazilian Federal Senate, if shows of the form we see as it and we know today. The call Senate, of the Legislative, would have to be the space of the balance and sapincia necessary to perfect and to characterize the democracy, the laws still more. A composed instcia of honest, virtuous men.

It is this that if it sees? It has as to admit that the Senate is an institution> basic for the democracy, to a cost of more than R$ 2 billion per year? Or that they are necessary to each one of the 81 senators (that they are elect for a mandate of 8 years) 110 employees? E, let us not be thinking only about what in the cost the Senate, when costs a State legislature? How much he costs a Chamber of Councilmen? They are, for certain, important organisms of the democratic body, but they exactly give itself, through that, I and you, we, choose, this importance? If we have the institutions that we have, we are part of the cause of this. What to make, if exactly the good ones, in way to as much nullity, finish, when not losing, giving up? Sad country, sad state, sad city that of a itself representative politicians of so low level, character doubtful and without no principle and respect for the proper democracy. In 2010, it has election for the Senate (a senator), for the Federal Chamber (35 vacant) and for the State legislature (55 vacant). We will lead back the ones that if to present the re-election? We will choose new? Or we will vote null revealing, in such a way, our indignation? By the way, if fossemos we elect them, would be different? We would make a Senate, a Federal Chamber, a State legislature, different of that we have elect throughout the years? In the doubt, since already I decided, I will vote null. I will make campaign for this, as a reflection attitude. Perhaps either a beginning, therefore we seem to be in the end.

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