Western Minister

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But feel if someone better standards of life, if in April the minimum wage and pension increase, respectively, 11 and 14 hryvnia? Against this background statistics in Kyiv recently opened a showroom 'Ferrari'. And inside the 'Bentley' waiting list – the longest in Europe … The gap between rich and poor in Ukraine, perhaps the most profound among the European countries and is approaching to that of African countries with dictatorial regimes in power. The reasons for such a depressing situation for anybody not a secret. Parliament turned into a tool for nailing personal wealth. Money laundering schemes are already so common that practically not considered a crime. Corruption – perhaps the only way to resolve any matters with the authorities. Centuries of persecution and oppression have taught Ukrainian people endure, and today is actively using the power of this.

But events in North Africa show that the end comes to any patient. Foreign Minister urges U.S. successes in the course of Ukrainian democracy the third meeting of the Commission on Strategic Partnerships, Ukraine, United States, recently held in Washington, the head of the Ukrainian delegation – Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko said that the level of political transparency in Ukraine can be compared with Western democracies. Also, commenting on the reforms of President Yanukovych, Ukrainian Foreign Minister noted that no other way than to "act like a bulldozer," the government does not, and the situation with democratic freedoms in Ukraine does not deteriorate. In response to the assertion of the main Ukrainian diplomat on the current state of democracy in Ukraine, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Ukrainian government to search for an understanding with civil society.

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