Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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Yes all the Russian and foreign public literally scratching their heads over who will be the next president of the Russian Federation. Mikhail Gorbachev, the first and last Soviet president during an interview he gave to his anniversary as – said that Vladimir Putin will nominate his candidacy for president of our country only in 2018. When asked, "Why only in 2018 and not 2012?" Gorbachev said: "Putin is very smart person ". Certainly agree with that statement absolutely everything, really, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a very clever and far-sighted politician. But who will still be president of our country, Mikhail Sergeyevich did not clarified. Of course there are some individuals, if I may say so, who do not wish to have in our country were the order and democracy. These include all the "Solidarity" movement. Of course, gentlemen, Nemtsov, Milov, Ryzhkov and Kasyanov little overspend and now again are in search of bread place.

That is why they are satisfied with their delusional actions such as "Russia without Putin" in the money of their Western patrons. Although Mr. Ryzhkov and claims that, quote, "we have no money," but what are they go to the people? Which means they have created a new party? Which means holding mass events? And finally, what means Nemtsov prints its crappy pamphlets full of lies? So all the while wondering just who will be president of Russia in 2012. The current president, Dmitry Medvedev, also does not give any predictions whether he will run for this high office or not. As for Vladimir Putin, then he is in one of his interviews, told reporters that while the decision on who will go to the polls on the United Russia party is not accepted. This question will be resolved in one of the party congresses later, before the election campaign. But be that as no further events unfold, all Russians are adamant about one thing: Putin and Medvedev will not give up our country to the mercy of predatory sharks of capitalism, which only dream crush Russia and sucking up natural resources almost for free. Knowing the tough stance of our Prime Minister, we can not worry about and continue to live as as before. Absolutely no tragedy will not happen if Dmitry Medvedev will remain as president for another term, and then in 2012 it will replace Vladimir Putin. The most important task of all patriotic Russians – to prevent the so-called "liberal opposition" to public authorities as well as with the arrival of these people the situation in our country will be the same as it was in the 91-x-97-s the last century, when the full chaos reigned and hung the threat of collapse of the Russian Federation.

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