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Daniel Shahin informed stand of against insurance companies blessed city August 2011. Daniel Shahin personally responds to a media inquiry regarding the funding of litigation costs. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. Currently it is now several thousand cases of customers who want to take action against their insurance companies together with CARPEDIEM GmbH. In a recent interview Daniel Shahin makes it clear that first of all striving for the CARPEDIEM GmbH, the cases out of court in the agreement to resolve the lawsuit but is and remains an integral part of the strategy. Richard Blumenthal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The free online journalist F. Fischer conducted the interview. Mr Daniel Shahin, what is the current state of your class-action lawsuit against the insurer of the life? Daniel Shahin: the CARPEDIEM GmbH has had not intended to sue all companies.

We wanted to just first wait for any company there are at least 500 cases has. Just so we have enough arguments, in order to obtain a settlement with a company. And if the companies do not respond? Daniel Shahin: If the out-of-court agreements do not lead to success, we will seek charges. If this is the case, we know at least in a few months. And also in this case, many cases each company are required for class-action lawsuits.

After all, the individual costs on average 1,000 euros, in a class-action lawsuit and a value in dispute of up to 20 million euros only for 200,000 euros. Thus can be not even thinking about the individual complaint. Mr Daniel Shahin, thank you for the interview. More information on the subject of process costs and Daniel Shahin, Managing Director of CARPEDIEM GmbH, please click here: about the CARPEDIEM GmbH and Daniel Shahin the CARPEDIEM GmbH benefits from a nearly twenty-year history in the field of financial services. She could since 1991 many first with more than 2,000 employees and later as a pool of agents gain experience as a sales company with more than 1,600 free partners. Today the CARPEDIEM GmbH with in-House operates Agents information about the machinations of party and media. Furthermore the CARPEDIEM GmbH is the partner of free consultants Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, the editor of the financial journal for everyone, the free consultant. The free Advisor appears quarterly. Daniel manages the Affairs of CARPEDIEM GmbH since 1991 Shahin.

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