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Create a website with his hands – it sounds a bit wrong. Any information product is made in the first place mind. The hands in this case, play a role secondary. Continue to learn more with: Richard Blumenthal. I will not paint, like that installed because information about the "it" an enormous amount. My task is to describe what to do, but how do you conceive yourself. Before you put the site on the Internet it needs to be done locally, ie Set on a family computer. To do this, download the toolkit Denver.

Installation instructions on the developer's site. Creating saytatakzhe like building a house to start with the foundation. Download from web site engine. I myself use the CMS Joomla final stable version. The resulting file should open in your C: or D: / webserver / home / / /. Then run and type in Denver ie name of your site If you are done correctly, the page you will see a step by step Installation of CMS Joomla. Carefully follow the instructions.

In the end, you'll have a site with a minimal set of components: User Manager, the management articles, menu management, voting, and a full set of administrator functions. The next step – building a functional site. Are you looking for in the search engines 'joomla component' and carefully view the information. Those components that you like, you can add to your site With 2 clicks in the admin panel. Also, an elementary site design changes, but this does not need to install the component and template. Having dealt with the administration of the site, you should fill it with content. Material should be simple, topics and have links to internal pages. Links should also be thematic, for example on the website dedicated to the construction of laminated veneer lumber should be the text: "Glued laminated timber – this is durable, environmentally friendly and nice stuff …. '. Since The site is devoted to a laminated board that this phrase must refer to a different page where you want to attract users. This is the most important part in shaping resource. I gave an example of a link, but other than that necessary to pay special attention to headings title, tags, h1-h6, span, strong. The finished site should be moved to the Internet. For a start it acquires domain name registrar to buy from names (use search engines). After that is determined with a platform for hosting and to purchase needed services. We want the service to include support for PHP and MySQL, phpmyadmin. I support: annual costs in 3000 rubles. To transfer the use FTP client program, I recommend FileZila. Just take and copy all of the directory to the directory site. On my hosting it is called htdocs. To copy a database using phpmyadmin. He is in Denver and it is at any self-respecting host. On home computer, doing database export, import on the remote. Using these same tools to back up.

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