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Tver – the old town with its interesting history, sightseeing, a leisurely life of a provincial invariably attracts many tourists. Each of them is something here for yourself: one interesting walk through the streets built up wooden houses, the other – to visit museums, among which the most popular is the Tver combined museum, arranged in the Travel Palace. Visitors who come to see various exhibitions (in the museum store painting by French, Italian, Dutch, Russian masters of painting), climb the same steps on which she trod, Catherine the Great! This memorial keeps a lot of memories. Its stone walls voices O. Kiprensky, V. Zhukovsky and other cultural workers. In Tver, a lot of places associated with the names of famous painters, poets, writers, talk about what sites Tver. One of the attractions – hotel Galiani, built at the turn of 18-19 centuries Valadarski Street.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin often stayed at this hotel and did not fail to mention it in a humorous poem: The Galiani, il Kaloni, Order your Tver Macaroni With parmazanom Yes yaishnitsu boil. A plaque with the name of Saltykov-Shchedrin, can be seen on the building of the city administration. Saltykov-Shchedrin worked here for several years in Vice-Governor. Lenin Square, where stands the building itself is interesting and noteworthy. As conceived by the architect P. Nikitin (the project was created in the late 18th century) the area is shaped like an octagon. The angles formed located on the edges of the same type of buildings.

In the center is a monument to the great revolutionary, the founder of the Soviet state Vladimir Lenin. This is also the city's history. In Tver, kind to the historical heritage, always taking care of monuments of architecture, which is constantly telling news Tver. One of the most ancient monuments – the white church Trinity, which is over 500 years. It received its name due to the color of the shingles. The building was reconstructed many times, but the architectural features have been largely preserved. Tver – the location of several churches, each in its own interest and famous. One of the attractions, of course, the great river Volga. Tver and was formed at this point thanks to a good geographical position. Volga Tver helped grow and develop, inter alia, in trade relations. Hence began my journey Athanasius Nikitin, a monument which stands on the waterfront in honor of his name. Another Quay – the name of the Don Cossack Stepan Razin – is unique in that along the low-rise building have the form of a "single front." The author of this idea was made in due course architect Nikitin. He was one of those to whom Catherine the Great instructed to develop a plan of building after fire destroyed part of the city. Tver – the city to study the history of which can be a long time. This quiet, friendly town lives its own life, delighting residents and visitors of all individuality and uniqueness. Where to go, once here, will tell a new phone Directory of Tver, where the information on museums, theaters and much more. At the same time, Tver and the Tver region renowned for achievements in science and industry, but that's another story.

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