The Great

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We were not surprised by so much that the great initiate, spiritual teachers guides insist on the importance of Taming the Mint for quieting the agitation that generate thoughts. Everything seems to indicate that the problem is that we are not owners of ourselves because we identify ourselves with thoughts, allowing that it dominates our lives to such an extent that we cannot be ourselves for one single moment. Being oneself is to live without thoughts, be as a child without prejudices, without condemning, without accepting, nor reject anything, free of any conditioning whether social, cultural, political, religious etc. Thinking is memory and memory is of the past, this is the reason why we always go ahead or we are left behind, we are always thinking in what we did or what we do, we never live the present active, the here and now. Live the here and now, is to be aware, the awakening of consciousness, be attentive, delve into the tao as some point out, it is to go by the true path, it is all the same, different words to define one thing, which is meditating. Be attentive is to be observant, watchful, witness of everything what is happening both internally as externally. To listen there must be an interest and a silent observation, one can not be attentive if you’re constantly prattling with himself.

If we want to learn math, physics chemistry or whatever and we are talking to ourselves, thinking what we did or what we do, that lack of attention will not allow us that learn. And learning about ourselves is to meditate, there can be no meditation without own knowledge, knowing oneself is the beginning of the meditation. Hence, say, that one can not take four steps without starting by the first, nor can one speak of death without knowing what is life, talk of the past without knowing who is what there is here, not say that it is God without knowing first who us. If one is interested in learning could not begin knowing – that it is God, truth, wisdom, death, etc.-so if you already know does not need to learn. Thought to be memory, knowledge, only you can move from what you know to what you know, this is the limited and narrow field in which you can move, you can never go more than about himself, from what is known.

The unknown – death, the afterlife, reincarnation, God, truth etc.-give by known based on the ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experiences of others, but if we want to be serious and honest with ourselves we have to recognise that we only know that it is the unknown relying on the knowledge and experiences of others. And if we already have an experience is this pleasant and enjoyable or more unpleasant, we should realize that which produces it, experienced it and which you want to repeat or not, it is the same. When we feel fear, it is the mind that produces it, it you are experiencing and want to escape from that unpleasant experience. Account the mind without even realising it divides itself into experimenter and experience, observer and observed. But the observer is the observed, the thinker thinking and the experimenter what experienced. Original author and source of the article.

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