The End

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It does not think my respect badly. I clarify: the politicians do not deserve that let us use our intelligence against them. Let us not forget in them that to speak badly of them he is to speak of them! to speak of them is to keep them in evidence! We do not want this. We want that they disappear! Therefore, one more time we go being valid in them the words of the poet: ' ' It wanted to want to sing sharpened with them, to silence in respect to its settles in an ecstasy, to be indecent! But everything is very bad ' ' We know that it has, for there, much people that not if it contents in singing as the poet sang. It has much people for there that he is ' ' sharpened with eles' '. It has much people for there that she prefers ' ' to silence in respect to its transe' ' indecent, immoral, illicit, only because with this if &#039 keeps in some rank nominated for some figuro to occupy some of the calls; ' reliable position ' '.

E, in the end of the accounts, is because of that ' ' they are sharpened with eles' ' that they reelect year year after. If year after year they reelect themselves are because she has people that she votes in them, and votes in them because she agrees to what they make! She observes and she sees that everything this is truth. We say this from our state, but ' ' rotten poderes' ' they empesteiam entire Brazil. State for state, in our country, the cases are innumerable where the comrade is a well-known outlaw, but in the following election she comes back to be candidate and if she chooses with the popular vote. There somebody speaks: ' ' it was chosen because it bought votes.

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