The Civil Society

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The term territory is used in some areas as: politics, biology, psychology, tourism, geography among others. It is essential to understand well that the space is previous to the territory. The territory if form from the space, are the result of an action lead for a sintagmtico actor (actor that carries through a program) in any level. To if appropriating of a space, concretely or abstract (for example, for the representation), the actor ' ' territorializa' ' the space (RAFFESTIN, 1993, p.143). Boisier (1996) defends its point of view commenting on: The culture and the identity associates to the territory today if revitalize, not only as intrinsic values, but as factors of regional competitiveness. The organized territories are the new actors of the international ability for capital, technology and niches of market (BOISIER, 1996, p.64). It is observed that the territory rescues the idea of a locality as a socially busy space. A territory represents a tram of relations with historical roots, configurations politics and identities that still play a role little known in the proper economic development (ABRAMOVAY, 2000, p.8).

In the language of Haesbaert: Etimologicamente, the word territory, territorium in Latin, is derived directly from vocbulo Latin land, and was used for the Roman legal system inside of the call jus terrendi (in the Digeste, of century VI, according to Di Mo, 1998:47), as the appropriate piece of land, inside of the limits of one determined politician-administrative jurisdiction (HAESBAERT, 2006, P. 43). The territory is configured at this moment as being a land piece, but throughout the time it takes dimension and if he develops territorially for involving the actors of the region who are formed by the community, public power and market (HAESBAERT, 2006). The Government, in the spheres federal, state and municipal, contributing with the investments in infrastructure, health, education among others; The Market, considering in such a way the actors of the side of it offers as of the side of the demand, in the markets of factors and good of services, providing the generation of job and income; The Civil Society, including the social citizens, organizations and its representative entities (KINGS, 2006, p.01).

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